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>>139693 It depends on the pedo. Either way I don't take it personally anymore. The reason why pedos can't be accepted into soci
>>139692 I agree with you, because I feel the same way. From their perspective though: The only pedos those people see in the
>>139697 I read that like this for whatever reason >>139698 super cute ==<3==
i love loli
>>139691 >people who abuse children are not pedos >their love is on the aggressive side You don't show love through abusing s
>>139635 When cutie garden went down for a few days...I felt it might be down email address (hidden) would have all
>>139692 would you trust your kids around pedos? i would not
>>139690 Technically I agree with you. The very word Pedophile translates to child lover. Granted there are individuals that are