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The weekend is here, pedofriends! Be productive, stay safe, drink milk and never run with scissors!
It must have been a very hard day today because you did all the work. All I did was link an article and you gave me that. Keep y
good job, you came her to get a reaction and now you've gotten it +1 to you
>no you're butthurt
yet here we both are
Who said I was your friend? You have zero reason to be butthurt at 10 pm on a Friday yet here you are lmao. What happened? Qu
I'm not your friend, you have zero reason to @ me while linking that article
>>130225 >That article which i read over 6 hours ago says he was caught in 2015 So my post: >>130219 was correct. You answer
>>3113 I can't seem to find the sponsorship function on neither of her three channels. Maybe it is only available in certain co
>>130224 >This was literally on your news channels today, not 6 years ago. That article which i read over 6 hours ago says he wa