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>>135117 See you later.
>>135114 Consider it accomplished. Brings me back a lot of memories, dancing... So nice.
*would LaterĀ³
>>135113 Well, didn't mean to reply to myself, but to you. That you be kinda squizo, offering pizza to yourself, don't you thin
>>135115 I was referring to the one above [spoiler]and beyond[/spoiler] by the way. Well, normalfriends are partying, and I'
This song is special to me. Kinda reluctant to drop special ones like that to strangers, got burned before, but hey. There yo
>>135113 Absolutely mate. Vocal trance is the one of my favourite genres, ever. Severely overrated. Glad you liked it. If at
>>135110 I like that song. Definitely my genre. You listen to that too?