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/pgt/ - Private Island Pedo General Thread Anonymous 02/12/2021 07:23:08 No. 133255 locked [AUTOSAGE]
Was Epstein really that bad? Edition

> No CP (Unless it's legal in your private islands jurisdiction)
> No Spam
> Friendly Discussion
> Occasional Autism

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There you go. A little sample montage of over 2 years and 600 videos. Hope you like it. If not, I'm sure you'll comment anonymously expecting me to give a fuck. Just wanted to expose her here.
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Well, there are defrent kinds of love liek the love parents have for their child, the love a couple can have for each other, the love you would have for a pet, the love you would have for something inanimate like a good steak and so on.
My parents for example never divorced unliek moast and still love each other deeply.
I love my parents with all my heart.
I recently lost my 2 cats, I loved them and having them die an death really, really hurts.
If I didn't love them then it wouldn't hurt to have lost them.
Can't say I was ever in love tho.
I love you guise but that is a weaker kind of love and not anything romantic
Also, my cats were littermates and didn't know a lief without each other, my parents and I always knew that the chonker would pass away first and that her sister would follow suit soon after.
Sure enough, only two months passed after the chonker passed away and then her sis passed away of broken heart.
In those last two months, you could tell she missed her sister immensely.
If that's not love in it's purest form, I don't know wat is
Open file 328.22 KB, 1590x2451
Fuck I miss my koshkas, bros.
This is the downside of love, everything/everyone will die an death and leave a hole in your heart
Open file 173.49 KB, 961x1200
Last night I re-watched the 1982 film, "The Dark Crystal", for only the 2nd time in almost 40 years...., because, well...., bored & why not?
I now, unironically, want to have sex with a Gelfling loli.

That is all...., carry on.
Edited last time on 02/21/2021 16:58:06.

oh , that's a thing:

unfortunately so is skeksis porn , CANNOT UNSEE!
Open file 395.22 KB, 2070x1380

> skeksis porn , CANNOT UNSEE!

Also...., meh...., that Gelfling Rule 34 stuff you linked was a real disappointment, tbh.
Open file 695.59 KB, 1024x1024
> DSL's
Open file 389.56 KB, 1440x1741
>That chart.
Interesting. I believe I'm firmly on the left, except, to some extent:
>Accepts imperfections (only certain behaviours, golddigging, ostentatiousness, exhibiotionism)
>Doesn't make you irrational

Do you believe a woman has the capacity, and the willingness, to love a man the same extent a man does?
Open file 281.42 KB, 1125x2000
Open file 236.15 KB, 1120x2000

> Do you believe a woman has the capacity, and the willingness, to love a man the same extent a man does?

Silly question.
I am living proof that, even a pedo, can stumble upon a "soulmate for life" & have/raise a happy family together with her.
Have hope...., just sayin'.
Open file 241.04 KB, 1200x1800
Tell me once more how you met your wife. If your story is true than that is amazing.

I want to meet a mrs. Nano to give me cuddles and kisses but I just don't have anywhere to meet girls
Open file 228.59 KB, 1333x2000

> If your story is true

Are we still doing this after all these years. Nano??
Ask Eliza* if Kanga really exists...., he knows.

* Because it turns out that Eliza is sorta creepy IRL---lol.

Also...., I've told you the story 50+ times, tbh.
Also, I'm sorry to hear about your cats.

I had a bird once that was of the greatest esteem to me, named Rose (Rosinha). She was the pet that I was the closest to, ever. I have had many other birds in the past, and they were all raised in cages: budgies, canaries, cockatiels, etc, but she was special. She was raised free range, in our house, and our farm, where she would wander around freely in all the greenery, minding her own birdie business. She would love to hang around and play at the guava and blackberry trees specifically, as she would spent quite some time pecking the fruits in there. She just loved the taste, and it was always impressing to me just how much a green little featherball could eat.

She had always returned all the affection I had to her as well, and if you left her in a room full of strangers, she would scramble around trying to find me, and whenever she did, she would climb up my clothes all the way to the top, and rest on my shoulder. She would not stop prancing around until she found me. It was funny to see her walking, she would have this goofy walk, swinging her little tail side to side, side to side, back and forth, very cute.

On my tween years, I had a rocker phase, and I had long hair. Same length as Zhenya's today, same colour as well, except I had (and still have) more hair than she does, and more volume. She would love to play with my hair, and she would just love to hide behind on my neck, and rest underneath all that hair, where it was warm.

Finally, she was also very friendly to everyone, would let anyone pick her up, play with her, no biting, etc. She was always up for a treat as well, she just wouldn't pass any. Like her owner I guess, lol.

Once I went on a trip accompanying my mother on a health care issue, a detoxing programme, three states over, and couldn't bring her with me. Otherwise, we were inseparable, and the only time we weren't together was whenever I was in school, in the mornings. But on that occasion, she was left to the care of my always 10/10 father, who neglected her, and unfortunately as a result of that, she was attacked and partially eaten by a stray cat roaming our farm.

I cried COMPULSIVELY when I heard about it, and the trip which wasn't already a very nice one got even worse, AND I still had about one week left before I got back home. I would spend the remainder of my time there bawling my bloody eyes out, and the focus of the trip which was to take care of my mother's health ended up turning to me, as I even stopped eating for a while.

When I did get home eventually though, first order of business: I got to locate the perpetrator, and I beat that cat to death with a broom handle. By that point, confusion, sadness and sorrow had piled up, and turned into pure blistering rage, as I ended up hitting it with so much force I eventually broke the broom handle. Still, on kept on beating it, the lifeless corpse. When I got enough, I dumped his body on the eavestrough. Later on that day, at twilight, I kept thinking that wasn't going to work out, eventually it was going to start smelling, so I got up on the roof, retrieved its body and dumped it on a small waterfall system that runs through our property, and watched it getting carried away by the stream, at the very last rays of the sunset.

That was one of those "100 days in your life you will never forget" moments, for sure.
Looking back, I was young and extremely distressed, and none of my parents were around (as usual) to give me any sort of guidance or emotional support on any of this. More often than not, they were present in body, but not in spirit. And that was my way of processing my anger and my grief. I don't really regret it. But I didn't grow up to hate cats or anything, I understand today that it was not "evil" on his part or anything of that matter, it was only acting on its own instincts, which are neither good nor bad per se, they just are.

I also didn't grow up to become a psychopath or anything. Much the opposite, I believe that I am more empathetic than your average person.

My father, knowing that he royally fucked up, went out of his way to make up a pet grave, before that was even a thing as it is today. I still ended up spending about three moments without talking to him. I don't resent him, not for that at least, and today I don't have any birds. Seeing birds in cages almost makes me feel like becoming one of those ALF types, so prefer to just admire them, from a distance.

That grave is still there, on the farm. I never visited it.

And I never had another pet bird again.
Open file 112.52 KB, 1280x720
It is a misconception that women love as much or in the same way as men do. Don't listen to graphs and articles written by women. They don't know. Men love more deeply, more purely. All the great romances and romance poems are written by men. Have you ever heard of a woman sacrificing herself for her love? Rarely. Very rarely. Men are biologically driven to love and take care of and provide for females. Nature causes us to fall in love. Females on the other hand, use men to provide for them, to provide for their children, they seek out a good husband and provider. They will move from man to man seeking the best possible provider and nurturer. It's called hypergamy. Women think they're in love and feel comfortable with a man because they don't know what real love is. A man feels love very deeply and has no hesitation in sacrificing his life for his woman and his family. Where there is a breakup, men take years to get over it, if ever. I have known women and girls that I will never get over, I will love them forever. As a man, this is normal. But for women, they are over you in a matter of a month or two.

(oh sure, there will be women responding to this telling me all about how they loved and sacrificed for their man, blah blah blah...women are narcissists and unable to think in generalities).

Young men: Don't fall into the trap and assume that females love you the same way you love them. They don't. Women are shallow and narcissistic. The minute you can no longer provide a roof over their head, they are gone.

As a man, you have to accept that. Protect yourself from women both emotionally and financially; that is a lesson men have to learn in life.
Women have two purposes in life.

To fill our stomach and to empty our balls.
Open file 370.40 KB, 1120x2000

Wow...., I suppose I'm just a "simp" then.
Who knew?
Thanks for making me "2021 woke" & saving me from my own self-deception.
In 2021 a woman does neither.

She knows only how to drain your wallet.
As much as I absolutely HATE to realize this, I tend to agree. And this is why I asked the question in the first place.

Men have gone to war for women, wrote pieces of art of all tiers for them, from the most beautiful arias to the most debased trap songs, men do everything for women, and I can't help but think: what it the counterpart of women on this, exactly?

Where are the women writing novels obsessing over even the slightest mannerisms of a loved one? Going through a shit just job just to get them what they want? Sacrificing all their lives daily to make them happy?

It doesn't seem to exist.

Like you said, there are exceptions, but the exceptions do not make the rule. And, are you even going to enter this world expecting you're going to be the one unicorn case, and not the standard, the rule?

It seems like women greatly enjoy all of this, but only as the recipients, never as the benefactors.

In other words, men love women. Women love being loved.

And the reality is that I simply cannot cope with this. I was actually shocked to realize at some point that romance as it exists today, is in fact a male invention. It though it was female's, something they all craved for. Turns out, women are ruthlessly pragmatic, and are more interested in the idea of a man, and what surrounds him, rather than the person itself.

Take my girl for example, she already stated, that her future boyfriend/husband has to be, in her own words, "generous/generous/generous" as in, stated three times (щедрый,щедрый,щедрый). She says that he "has to gift her". And her mother, who is her role model, has just recently made her 3rd(third) $5000 (five thousand dollars) purse acquisition in less than ten months, and to quote her own words, "This is how you show your wife you love her.".

This is the model Zhenya is being raised in. Let that sink in for a moment. To tell that you love her, you have to spend about ~12 months of wages from a russian worker, a year of his earnings, ON A FUCKING PURSE. THRICE.

And I despise this. But this is Olga's "wisdom" in the school of relationships. So, are we just a walking/talking credit card? If so, then you yourself are nothing more than an advanced alien parasite. You only give life to take it everywhere else.

Why not ditch the pretension of love then? In this way, prostitutes sound like a MUCH BETTER deal, financially, and with much more honesty.

It's all fucked.

Completely and utterly fucked.

I can't cope with any of this.
Open file 111.69 KB, 1080x1224
What's up with all the incel shit? Isn't there some woman hate thread on /starlet/ where you could post instead?
Open file 168.36 KB, 1333x2000

I got enough " problems " to deal with on /starlet/ already.
roastie internet defence forces have arrived
female hands typed this
The same way the other guy shuts down any possibly of conversation with the non-argument, catch-all, "incel" buzzword, you too shut down conversation with the "roastie" buzzword.

Both are bad, just on different sides of the same coin.

This way no points get made and no growth is achieved on any side.
Open file 58.49 KB, 604x507
Open file 39.69 KB, 919x511
Open file 221.64 KB, 1080x1351
Might fuck around and DM Brooklynn on my real Instagram account and tell her I'm in love with her.
she is not real
Open file 355.13 KB, 1080x1350
I know it's hard to imagine someone this perfect being real.
How old is she today?
Open file 235.26 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 218.82 KB, 1080x1350
She's 13 and her half birthday was a few days ago. Perfect age to date for me tbh but she lives a few hours away sadly :/
i wanna have rough sex with her
Try mine, that lives on another continent, speaks another language and is on another social strata.

If only my case was that easy. I WISH I at least lived close to her. A few hours? Just step on the gas lmao.

If I were you I'd definitively go for it, just wait until she's a bit older and more independent, but not too old so you start having doubts whether she's celibate or not (although I'm not sure if you value that or not? I don't know).

But don't let other people shame you for being a man.

Good luck.
Open file 271.85 KB, 1080x1350
Open file 63.44 KB, 888x1110
Well I also love Monique, who lives on the other side of the globe from me. But given the distance and that she's too young for dating, I know it's unrealistic. At least she speaks English tho lol.
But Brooklynn is so hot, she's actually a really good person too (she's always doing fundraisers and stuff for poor people). I just dunno how to DM her without scaring her off ya know.
There is no way to do it from dms, forget it.

Before you could even think of that, many others have thought of it, have done it, and completely closed off that channel already.

(And even if it was possible at one point in time, even then you were most likely speaking to her mom, and now you're speaking to no one... meaning you'll go straight to block. At least some have the decency to anticipate this, just to spare you the trouble/stress. I'm not even saying this is necessarily a bad thing, it's just the way it is).

You know.

If you want it, if you *really* want it, you'll have to get creative.
Open file 244.93 KB, 1080x1351
Good call, and I think I know exactly how to do it.
>don't let other people shame you for being a man.
there is no shame here. pedos are all one
Open file 173.98 KB, 1024x874
Open file 541.19 KB, 1200x1774
Open file 669.85 KB, 640x1136

Godspeed patches.

We're gonna make it.
my wife got fat and i have 0 attraction to her.

also, i have no 10yo ukrainian lgf.

is there really any reason to live?
have a child dumbass
Open file 705.01 KB, 2048x1536

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