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Cuties are fun...., Drama is not.

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Welcome to InstaQt's...... Skippy#tU1Comfy1U Board owner 02/15/2020 06:54:47 No. 15 locked sticky
Open file 17.94 MB, 640x640
Cuties are Fun...., Drama is Not...., So are you High - /IQ/, or Low - /IQ/ ?

Mission Statement: This is a comfy place, where each thread is a dedicated "shrine" to one of our favorite waifus, models or any other cuties from Instagram, Rajce & various social media...., both past & present.
It is for those of us who appreciate the innocent beauty, sweet playfulness & fun that is inherent in cute, real-life little girls from age 3-13, or so...., a place for romantic pedos who dream of hugs, head pats, snuggles, piggyback rides & spooning in bed at nap time with the little ones whom we love.
This is not to say that the lines between those loving feelings & actual sexual feelings do not get blurred sometimes, because they do...., we are pedos, after all.
1. The site's global rules apply...., if you have not read them, then do so now here:
2. Don't act like an abrasive dick...., we are nice, uncritical & tolerant toward each other here on /iq/.
If you are not inclined to relate in a friendly or civil manner toward someone, then simply say nothing at all to them...., there is a difference between good-natured banter & petty bickering.
3. The same thing holds true when it comes to comments about the little cuties posted here...., different people have different tastes & sensibilities...., so please respect them, as well as the girls themselves.
Keep your personal, ethnic purity issues to yourself, along with any comments which are so lewd that they rise to cringe level...., you know quite well when you are crossing that line, so don't play dumb.
4. Always check the catalog at before creating a new, dedicated thread for a given cutie & please do not create new threads with nothing but the single OP post, or two...., also...., in those threads which are dedicated to a certain girl, keep your posts on-topic with regard to that particular girl & do not fill the thread with walls of textposts either.
NOTE: There is a single, permanent, general-type thread here: >>>/iq/16 called "/cat/" ("Cutie Appreciation Thread"), which is for posting miscellaneous cuties & for friendly, on-topic chitchat...., however...., it is not for excessive textposting, shitposting, /pol/crap, fighting or other drama.
5. This board is not for material from the NN studios, or for links to that same sort of material & such.
6. Posts which violate any of the above will very likely be deleted entirely...., so be warned...., I do not edit people's posts in order to make them comport with the rules & I also do not sort through all of the individual files in a post to only delete that one file which should not have been posted in the first place...., I simply delete the entire post & there will be no debate or discussion as to why...., so choose your posts wisely.
Now that all of the pesky rule stuff is out of the way...., Enjoy your time here on /iq/ !!!
Edited last time on 11/30/2020 16:27:56.

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