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Features, bugs etc. Anonymous Board owner 06/05/2019 20:54:07 No. 1
Open file 123.82 KB, 1080x1080
Feel free to post any bug reports, feature requests, admin sucks posts etc. here. We'll try to fix/implement everything we can
>We did some server changes a couple days ago. It should now be much faster.

I can't see any noticeable difference. I also still get an odd issue where the home page will load but clicking any board will 404 the first time on the onion. The onions speeds to me have always seemed slow compared to some other onion sites, but were pretty bearable. Currently I would considering it unusable for any reasonable person.

As mentioned previously in this thread but never answered, are you running the configuration HiddenServiceNonAnonymousMode 1 & HiddenServiceSingleHopMode 1 or not? As you have a clearnet address, server anonymity is 2 wasted hops which slows down the site and wastes tor bandwidth if left default.
>I can't see any noticeable difference
It was much faster for a couple days but you're right, it slowed back to a crawl again.

I wish the manual was a bit more clear about this. I tested it and I guess we are stuck on this setting forever for this onion address now... On the plus side it did make a massive difference to the performance.

>However, the fact that a client is accessing a Single Onion rather than a Hidden Service may be statistically distinguishable.
This does sound both concerning and weird. Sounds like they're saying the server can make the client less anonymous. Maybe I'm interpreting that wrong.
Been getting a corrupted captcha box today that will not display the code.

Manually refresh the /starlet/ board main index page.
>This does sound both concerning and weird. Sounds like they're saying the server can make the client less anonymous. Maybe I'm interpreting that wrong.
The feature likely hasn't been studied thoroughly, so Tor project puts a disclaimer for SingleHopMode.
SHM still has to be worlds better than accessing a clearnet site through Tor and dealing with rogue exit nodes.

Read this on rogue exit nodes on Tor network stealing Bitcoin.
>I tested it and I guess we are stuck on this setting forever for this onion address now... On the plus side it did make a massive difference to the performance.

Thanks for testing it out, it seems the change has made the speeds basically equal to the clearnet address over tor. Did you make any other tweaks to the firewalls tor rate limiting in general or just this to massively improve the speeds? You don't have to specify if people who ddos'd watching this board is a concern. I also had no clue that it was irreversible, I'm assuming this is due to how Hidden Service Directories work. Your new HS descriptor rotates every 24 hours and you might change back to anonymous mode, then switch server to hide server location within 24 hours, you haven't switched descriptor and thus all six HS Directories are unchanged and still serving up introduction points for your now full circuit making timing attacks extremely easy for a short period of time potentially exposing your servers location.

I now see this in the manual which I probably forgot about...
>WARNING: Once a hidden service directory has been used by a tor instance in HiddenServiceSingleHopMode, it can NEVER be used again for a hidden service. It is best practice to create a new hidden service directory, key, and address for each new Single Onion Service and Hidden Service. It is not possible to run Single Onion Services and Hidden Services from the same tor instance: they should be run on different servers with different IP addresses.

>This does sound both concerning and weird. Sounds like they're saying the server can make the client less anonymous. Maybe I'm interpreting that wrong.

You are misinterpreting it in a sense, it's just a warning that they haven't researched it yet and therefore don't know how easily identifiable it would be for an adversary such as your ISP or your guard to be able to tell that you're connecting to a single hop onion instead of a hidden one. The reason this would be worrying is for anonymous onion fingerprinting/correlation an adversary could potentially disregard all single hop onion circuits if they could tell the connections apart, making it easier to identify anonymous onions and vice versa when targeting non anonymous. It just needs more research. And do keep in mind that all Cloudflare sites can be configured to connect via their onion service by default for all tor users as explained here which uses single hop onion but obviously increases anonymity for users over just using the clearnet address, same for facebooks onion being single hop, so it's not as if use of single hop onions doesn't have a large anonymity set for clients, quite the opposite.

I would honestly be more concerned that you're still running a v2 onion for seemingly no real benefit, as well as disregarding the risks, which have been demonstrated unlike v3 single hop onions risks, even more so if you're ever trying to hide server location in the possible future. If you still really want the benefit of having a slightly memorable address most people won't type out, despite it being depreciated then just have it redirect to v3. That still runs into the same risks before redirection as the client still has to query the HS Directory for the v2 address a single time, but it should cause most people to transition to v3.
>Did you make any other tweaks
I only changed the single hop mode yesterday. We did try lots of other tweaks before though but they had very little effect on performance.

I was mainly referring to other 'riskier' sites. The fact that a server setting clients are unaware of could affect client security sounded somewhat concerning. But I guess there isn't any real risk for the clients. Anyway, most of our users access the site bare IP without even a VPN and I do think there is very little risk in doing so tbh

As of yesterday the v2 onion isn't running anymore.
> I was mainly referring to other 'riskier' sites.
Ah ;) Well there's still an open issue related to changing the displayed circuit length when visiting single hop onions. So once that's implemented even if there is any exploits it should be easy to notice if your "favorite site" decides to deanonymize itself for exploitative reasons.

Lastly have you considered Onion-Location? Not really needed, it just makes advertising your onion to tor users easier.
test of code tags not working on /test/
The Tomorrow Theme is hard on the eyes. The background of the reply box is hard to read with the text. It should be redesigned. "Other" in settings should be called "Main" and be moved to the left. Also, could there be a array of banners that are randomized like on 4chan? Furthermore, are there plans for a board about fictional content? Maybe /fict/? It could discuss loli, 3D models, games, game mods, visual novels, eroge, etc. Furthermore, are there plans for a cutiebooru? Could there be a *booru style imageboard complete with tagging, forums, etc.
ever since the site came back only I can't seem to download any video files is this normal now?
No, it should work. On Chrome you have to right click the title link and 'Save link as..'. On Opera and Firefox any way should work.

I think that perhaps a lot of people are doing stuff like bookmarking, etc., file links & then trying to return after the fact to download from what amounts to the file "hotlink".
Many more people than I ever would have thought.
Is there any way to have Chrome behave like Opera/Firefox and save by clicking the title?
The "Last 50 posts" feature doesn't seem to be working. Using TOR I just get a page full of text.
It works but only when using the onion link
last 50 always works with the new lynxchan version
lol. Don't you ever get tired of shilling your precious new version? The issue has nothing to do with Lynxchan anyway. It's a proxy server issue.
Instead of it would be in the precious new version.

just sayin'
As of a couple days ago the last 50 feature is working again.
The JSON API only provides the last 50 posts and there seems to be no way to get the full thread. This makes it impossible for a 3rd party app to get all posts without downloading and parsing the html.
There is also no mention of anything like this in the official API docs:
so it seems this is cutie garden specific and breaks compatibility with any other LynxChan boards.

If you really want to save bandwidth you should at least still provide an alternative url with the full thread, although IMO this is pointless. Most of the data is made up by pictures, those are what you want to avoid loading when using the last 50 feature. Even for a thread with 500 posts, the compressed json file is about the size of a single thumbnail.
It's a bug I haven't bothered fixing. I wasn't aware that there are LynxChan specific apps. Which app are you trying to use?
>Which app are you trying to use?
My own, but I assume you'll run into the same problem with overchan and anything else that uses json.
>LynxChan specific apps
Not necessarily lynxchan specific, but several apps work on all the most popular imageboards and if it works on one lynxchan board, it should work on all of them with minor adjustments.

Also, it seems to work fine for a while after a post is made, but then the post list gets truncated a few minutes later.
>Also, it seems to work fine for a while after a post is made, but then the post list gets truncated a few minutes later.
Yeah. That's because LynxChan will cache the last50 json every time someone views the last50, instead of every time a post is made like the regular view. I honestly still don't properly understand how the caching really works but I'll take a look if I can fix it.
Chrome is now behaving like Opera/Firefox. Whoever did what, thanks!
Open file 52.05 KB, 320x480
what's the other hidden board?
already know bout dubya
Open file 77.62 KB, 1211x669
Will it return?
>>mongo error/pool destroyed

what does this mean?
To my knowledge it was never gone.

It's Lynxchan's way of saying it can't reach the MongoDB database.
I'm curious what the updated Rools are going to look like.
Can't wait for it!
Ok, I can access meta and cozy but I`m getting 502
issues when trying to get to starlet from here.
What`s the haps?
I cant access Starlet as well,please fix
Should work now.
>>2294 Awesome, thanks Eliza
What if we had some kind of off-topic mostly textposting board for discussions of anything not directly related to girls?
although, isn't /cozy/ already for that?
and yet, it only seems to have pedo general threads which mostly discuss girls or attraction to them
t. not newfag, but someone who visits this place once in a blue moon
why are mp4 and webm files not recognized on starlet?
Open file 16.40 MB, 1080x1080
Eliza, how's the mp4 situation going in starlet?
any progress? eta?

will it help if a cute girl in braces blows you a kiss
Sorry, I missed your previous post. Should work now.

Where can we go to get instructions on all of the post formatting options (ie font size, color, bold, italics, spoiler, etc) or are we just suppose to magically know it? An FAQ would be nice.
Open file 194.51 KB, 1080x1350
Hello mods. "get bypass" doesn't work 4 me. I've tried it several times. Anything you can do?
Thanks in advance.

You never requested that your tripcode be entered into the database, Rocco.
I just now did it for you.
Try again...., should work now.
Open file 256.04 KB, 1080x1153
Thanks for you're fast response. You are the best.
>global definitely state Do not upload or request child pornography or any other material that could be illegal in USA.
>each thread in cozy repeat "no CP"
This is just redundant and not eye pleasing
And this is like vtuber board in my site. A board made for a content yet attract people who are persistently against it.

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