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Anna 11/30/2020 12:55:16 No. 2316
Open file 403.29 KB, 1080x1350
Both /Starlet/ and /bl/ have been removed due to on going issues and is directly linked to the clearnet being down for a week.

Sometime in the future those boards may be shared as a archive only site but theirs no plans for that at the moment.

cutie garden.jpg
Open file 133.71 KB, 960x1280
/starlet/ and /bl/ is on the onion now lads.
I keep trying to go to starlet & bl but it keeps saying page not found
you need tor
You trying to say I need VPN to access both starlet and bl?
You need to install the Tor browser.
>>2782 is good. Also, Youtube has some really good twerk vids. Usually Mexican or Brazilian girls :)
Hell yeah it worked, appreciate it!
I got it on mobile and it says connection timed out help :((
Still doesnt work :( there something that I need to do?
>good cheap host that has unmetered data and lots of SSD space
Do you think you'll need the unmetered bandwidth considering the lack of tor users? I feel like some people are more likely to pay with a credit card than take 2 minutes of their time to download a browser. Not that taking credit card is at all an option.
>is there something that I need to do?
Wait, it's down for everyone currently.
With this tor is web bl and starlet o.k.

You can try it.

I post some boys pictures to bl today and is ok.

If people are going to download & install the Tor Browser, they should NOT download it from some random 3rd party site...., they should download it from the actual Tor developer site:
Edited last time on 12/04/2020 00:07:14.
Just in case is there any other sites like this one out there that we can use in case CG goes down? I don't care if nudity is allowed or not
Where is this video from and what is she bouncing on?
Open file 210.95 KB, 700x700
Open file 125.55 KB, 620x576
Oh dude, American CP law is fucking outrageous. Even this website would fall under CP, and that's for the lighter stuff. It may be true that Dost is the standard definition for what CP is in the US, but it is not absolute. It can also apply to cases involving clothed pictures (like here), pictures that wouldn't be considered CP in themselves but could be given the context and interpretation of a judge, and obscenity law, which is used to regulate drawn child porn, 3DPD and even written literature (see Karen Fletcher, Phillip Greaves and Frank McCoy). Also, yes you can be prosecuted for drawn CP in the US, see the Dwight Whorley and Christopher Handley cases, the PROTECT Act of 2003, the banned release of Kodomo no Jikan in the US and the manga Demon Beast Invasion: The Fallen being deemed legally obscene in Texas.

The only things that are unregulated are photography by certified artists (or people who can pass themselves off as such) and nudism. See pics related for a few examples of "artistic" CP. But aside from that, pseudo CP is still technically legal, so long as it is non-obscene (and btw I'm talking about drawings and such).
Here's the definition of obscenity under the Miller test (1973):

1.) Whether "the average person, applying contemporary community standards", would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest,

>In its 6-3 decision written by William J. Brennan, Jr., the court held that material being obscene depended upon "whether to the average person, applying contemporary community standards, the dominant theme of the material taken as a whole appeals to prurient interest."[2] With its emphasis on the reaction of an average person rather than that of an especially susceptible person, the court rejected applying the Hicklin test as a means of determining whether material is obscene, and the ruling represented a liberalization of the nation's obscenity laws.[3]

>prurient simply means arousing or appealing to sexual desire.

2.) Whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions[4] specifically defined by applicable state law,

>The phrase "patently offensive" first appeared in Roth v. United States, referring to any obscene acts or materials that are considered to be openly, plainly, or clearly visible as offensive to the viewing public.

3.) Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.[5]

The work is considered obscene only if all three conditions are satisfied.

So in other words, regular sex, nudity, orgasm and stuff that your average normal person would find attractive is off-limits, the government won't do shit about it because it's protected speech. But fetish shit is definitely obscene. If you were to draw children engaging in regular sex acts like performing coitus or whatever, that should be fine, but if they're shitting into each other's mouths or engaging in extreme, violent sadomasochism, then yes, that is still illegal, and the fact that it's drawn/computer generated/written doesn't change that fact.
Open file 1.27 MB, 1173x672
So does the case for the defense rest yet?

I tried to get on the onion site but no matter how much i try (including bending over backwards) No Can Do !?!?!
Is there a Tor for Dummies resource anywhere?
It should just work. Download either Tor Browser or Brave Browser and click the link. Right click, open link in private window with TOR if you use Brave . Nothing more should be required.

I personally use Brave as my main browser because it's convenient to only have one browser doing everything. If you're going to visit some questionable onion sites it's probably best to use Tor Browser though.
The onion site was down yesterday. It's working now. Watch The Hated One's Tor Tutorial on Youtube.

> Brave

Eliza is an Evangelical missionary preacher trying to baptize the world into using the meme browser.
i dont understand these terms lol, what do i do to get starlet back it says d/l tor, then click link but what link?. Sorry for my naivity
i just want my cuties and sunny back lol
Open file 7.51 KB, 402x40
This link :p
so i go on to tor after d/l it, open this page then click on that link yes? and thank you Eliza
Open file 1.36 MB, 1242x1924
Thanks Eliza
I like the Brave(lol meme)browser
I'll have a go with that soon.
And thank you Anon
>>3289 Mode Edit
Thank you for info. Your link is tor which I have.
The starlet link still says bad gateway so is it down or am I doing something wrong? also i do have tor
Hi, folks. It is better that cutiegarden is not indexed by google, some webmasters choose that option for their sites. That way cutiegarden would be more private.
>It is better
No, see >>1807
Being indexed by Google is the sole reason why normies on Reddit and Twitter found out about cutiegarden. They didn't succeed in trying to take it down, but it brought a lot of unwanted attention though.
[citation needed]
Open file 16.83 KB, 200x200
Open file 55.01 KB, 932x699
Many thanks to everybody who makes CG the forum worth coming to first for NN. For me it used to be BabbleClub, then Playtoy Forum, then the assorted chans, and now CG. If I've gotta use TOR to access /starlet that's OK. Since nobody is rushing out to open another studio anytime soon I expect to see a lot more archives of NN pics/vids until VR gets good and then maybe we'll all have our own machines generating victimless entertainment in the comfort of our own homes. Gotta stay positive.
Merry Xmas.
Don't forget to pass out links to future site of whatever you come up with (Starlet). People forget freedom of choice like change the channel.
Wait, I'm confused. Are they going to be deleted or are they staying but only on Tor or what?
Open file 1.77 MB, 6720x4480
Ok,I had a look when it was up for a few minutes and let's just say it's not anything like the burgeoning community we had on here. Would it ever be is my question ?

And why the unreadable captcha now?
I remember watching a YouTube video where a conspiracy guy searched for "cutie garden" on Google and saw this as proof that Google exploits children. This is the audience you're attracting with this. Have you already forgotten the social media campaign against CG?
[citation needed]
google index guy here (from those two threads I made). I would just like to point out that I am not >>3599 (I have no way of proving this, but I think the writing styles are different enough for you to tell). I just saw his post now; had I seen that you had responded to it I would not have made my own thread (again) for it's discussion. anyway, I am convinced that we are correct, and, if not for my humble nature, I would have implored you (Anna) to take my advice. that said, I don't think there is much more I can do to convince you. if anything, my incessant nagging is most likely a deterrence, if anything.
regarding your point ('[citation needed]'), I think that video (remember to remove the '[' at the end of the link) from the last thread is a good example, not of his claim specifically, but of the phenomenon in general that creates such situations. the antis this year are different because of multiple factors, the most obvious being more free time. I won't bore you with the others, as I'm sure you know what I'll say.
>Being indexed by Google is the sole reason why normies on Reddit and Twitter found out about cutiegarden.
I don't see any reason to assume this is actually the case. Someone googling Cutie Garden obviously already knows about the site. If it would come up in searches like 'online child abuse' or 'child porn sites' then I would think it's an issue. But that would also be out of our hands because in order for the Google AI to learn to categorize a site there needs to be discussion about it somewhere. That discussion is most likely not happening on our site but on Reddit etc.

Starlet might still return to clearnet. We'll look into some options in the next few days. Captcha is hopefully temporary before we have a better solution for the spam.
I am getting a 503 error for Starlet on onion. Has it been taken down again?
Open file 127.03 KB, 636x786
Well here's hoping it does return and there's an option that works for both you and us because the onion is peeling rather badly it seems.
Good Luck Team NewGarden
>Starlet might still return to clearnet. We'll look into some options in the next few days. Captcha is hopefully temporary before we have a better solution for the spam.
Cunnybros, what are some site alternatives
you do understand anna pav/ nefedova is a BOY;
blame it on the MOM. he looks so cute as a little girl.....
he is a teenager now as a MALE catalog model.
>Starlet might still return to clearnet. We'll look into some options in the next few days.

any news on this yet?
kc's .onion works pretty well for me almost all the time. I get like up to 1 mb/s dl speed and snappy response times. with /starlet/ I sometimes get stuck at 30 kb/s. I suppose they use a single hop service? if you'd manage to get it working like that I'm sure more people would use it.
it isn't single-hop

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