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Art board MR.SO#5R7ZNWyc/6 12/12/2020 19:23:27 No. 3804
What are the odds of us ever getting a board for 2D and 3D art of little girls?

This would naturally involve Japanese loli art, but could also incorporate western drawings, computer art, fan art based on existing characters, fine art, etc.
I'm not sure there is enough interest to warrant an entire board. A lot of the art is quite problematic legally too. It's usually either 'artsy' nudes or super lewd 2D.
But I imagine super lewd would be okay if it was only 2d, right? Other sites allow such content with no problems.

In any case, we’ll wait and see if anyone else is interested.

No...., not okay.
There is a loli/hentai thread on the /starlet/ board.
However, no nudity at all is allowed...., whether it's 2d OR 3d...., & most certainly no sex acts & shit is allowed either.
That ruling was made by the Site Owner a long time ago & it is not negotiable.
Edited last time on 12/12/2020 20:48:07.
Oh okay, that’s no problem,

What was the reasoning behind that rule for drawings and stuff? I guess site hosts could still potentially get offended by it?
If by "western drawings" you mean cartoons I think not even a Judge would cont them as resembling humans, now if you mean classic paintings like in your pic i have always wanted to know how the hell to search for them since some of them are clearly made by a pedo and very hot but I can't ever find them.
>A lot of the art is quite problematic legally too.
You would have a much easier time keeping a host if you were only a 2D and 3D-CGI "super lewd" chan. /cozy/ is still more of an issue than lewd 2D ever would be. 3D-CGI would be fine also, as long as it's distinguishable from reality.

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