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DL Speed Dreagaaaa 12/13/2020 21:19:10 No. 3815
CNH (7).jpg
Open file 162.97 KB, 542x984
What is the average dl speed of this site supposed to be? Im getting averages from 20-30KB/s
Then the dls keep failing so sometimes i have to load 2 hours or more if a 100MB+ clip keeps failing.

Is this normal? Are there tricks to increase it or being able to resume the download after it failed? Thanks in advance, if it gets fixed ill post some nice vids as a reward
I'm assuming you were downloading from the /starlet/ onion? The server is a bit underpowered atm but you should still get several times higher dl speeds.
CNH (4).jpg
Open file 391.11 KB, 1048x1549
Yeah, sometimes it jumps up to 100, but only for a minute till its back down.
Dont really wanna try another identity, but could it be due to the exit node?
Had the problem the last days on different identities tho.
Getting around 30 kb/s here also. The /starlet/ server might need single hop mode like the main site. Unless you want the server to remain hidden.
Same as always for me, although for some reason Brave has been slightly faster than Firefox for some reason.
btw who's the girl? I've seen her before. Please tell me she has full sets and share if possible. Thanks.
CNH (8).jpg
Open file 169.15 KB, 544x987
CNH (9).jpg
Open file 182.10 KB, 620x1017
Could be, should be... but i only have 3 of them. The set i got from somewhere a long time ago is mixed pics apart from those 3
onion is hopeless compared to the old Starlet.
CNH (10).jpg
Open file 156.99 KB, 720x1226
Atm its a lot of failed dls, pausing and starting again helps, if you are fast you can start it again sometimes...

Also if i reset my identity and go to the media file it works better for a bit.
When i open a thread its bad again until everything is loaded.
The server should now be a bit faster. I quickly tested downloading a 100 meg file and it averaged about 200KB/s.

I guess we'd rather keep the server hidden but we might consider single hop if we can't get it fast enough otherwise. How does one find the IP of a single hop onion server?
>How does one find the IP of a single hop onion server
The user runs a relay and chooses it as the rendezvous point when connecting to your onion.
Your single-hop onion will then connect directly to his relay, exposing its IP to it.
Copy & Paste the D/L link or links

to your wordpad or notepad. then highlight the D/L link in your notepad or
wordpad & copy it & paste it using a regular browser in the address bar it will D/L fast like before.
Thanks its up to 100-200 now, gonna post some more in starlet soon

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