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Future of /starlet/ Anonymous Board owner 12/21/2020 22:39:50 No. 3842 sticky [AUTOSAGE]
Open file 258.17 KB, 1080x1349
As you probably have noticed /starlet/ hasn't been on clearnet for the last 3 weeks. After a lot of research we finally have a plan to get it back. However the admin is a dirty normie who has a ton of Christmas stuff to do this week so nothing will happen until after Christmas. But I'll start implementing it right after Christmas and hopefully we'll have something working by the end of the year.

I want to thank everyone for all the help and suggestions. And a special thank you to the people who donated. The money will be used to at least try to get /starlet/ back on clearnet.
As some of you have already noticed the /starlet/ and /bl/ links have changed to * That is an onion proxy gateway that lets you visit onion sites on a regular browser. It's a safe proxy that doesn't do Google Analytics or any shady hidden stuff. This is still very much beta and the speed will not be very good. However I'm optimistic that the performance will improve significantly once we get the solution optimized.

The preferred way to access the boards is still through cuties73qqijk2e2gyk6ey2hx72esdnzvvg56y7ktwo2cdfkztvayvyd.onion. This is mainly for those who can't use TOR for some reason. In the future it might offer better performance than the onion though.

Don't bother bookmarking any onionweb links. The url will change so it's best to always enter through
>That is an onion proxy gateway that lets you visit onion sites on a regular browser
I tried some and just got redirected
Nice one thanks.
Can't post reply, 504 gateway timeout
or get to the Catalog same timeout

Thanks very much
500 Internal Privoxy Error

sub posts don't load, but top posts do.
If the admin weren't such an attention whore, this chan would be much better. He's worse than a gay guy.
Will you ever get the site to work normally?

Nothing realy nothing) works correctly!

Just delete all boards and start from scratch. Better for everyone: D


Exactly PL, friend! EXACTLY!!

It's fucking crippled for me too, to the point of unusable.
Well said buddy! Well said!

It sounds like it would be best to use onion on tor. If that's the case why isn't there an onion link for starlet? Also why are all the posts from the last few days on starlet missing?
Open file 196.08 KB, 2434x3650
Yeah, not functional at all.
My posts are gone from Request thread too.

Would Admin or Board Owner be able to let us know what is happening when they get a chance please

>However I'm optimistic that the performance will improve significantly once we get the solution optimized.

Thank you.
Krist 013.jpg
Open file 223.41 KB, 1200x1800
Seems to be working rather well today.
I could post and reply and even ad a pretty picture.

can't view starlet, let alone post anything.

It appears that the domain for the clearnet gateway ( has been suspended (NXDOMAIN) as of a couple hours ago (2021-01-20 @ 01:00 UTC +/-).
Somebody must have complained & reported it to the Registrar.
The onion itself is working just fine, but you will need to use the Tor browser:

That's the way the clearnet cookie crumbles, as it were.
Use Tor.
Edited last time on 01/20/2021 05:32:03.
Should work again
Bless you Eliza
is this how it will work for the foreseeable future? or is there a plan that does not use this Tor over clearnet hack? (at least imo it is an inelegant solution)

Shouldn't the /cozy/ onion link to the v3 startlet not the clearnet? :p
Is anyone else having this problem? I've been trying to add a request in the request thread for the last 4 days but every time I try I get a 503 error. I don't get that anywhere else on the page and I accidentally posted on the starlet page itself.
I mean 504 error. Gateway time-out
BL and Starlet working loading and working slowly and it is difficult to post pictures. Must have much time and connection filed or errors 504 or 500. Repair it. Thanks.
Open file 79.26 KB, 1200x800
I'm getting this weird thing happening. I will click on starlet, and after the page loads, it goes back to the home page. Anyone know why that might be? I basically have to stop the page from loading halfway through, then don't get to see any previews. I am at a loss and do not know why this is happening. Any input would be awesome!
BLor Starlet threads not working. Error 504 Gateway Time-out.
Repair it. Thanks.
Open file 94.71 KB, 475x471
You can't just come in here and demand shit! You don't know if anyone has that skill or not. Since you don't know shit, maybe you should ask instead of demand. IMO, not sure if that is repairable, so now you should feel real fucking stupid! This might be a place for people to get some sweet ass content, but it sounds like your a newbie so guess this is just informational for you!

Maybe you should try to fix it yourself. If not, shut the fuck up and wait patiently like everyone else. Besides there is a trick that I use and I do not get those warnings.
Just as I'm going on there for the day, it's extremely slow when it was working just fine the past couple days

The server appears to be experiencing a DDoS attack for the past couple hours.
There is not really anything that we can do about that.
Starlet down AGAIN. It's been down way more than it's been up in recent weeks.
Better get that tech lady on the case again...
Starlet is online
Open file 125.74 KB, 635x785
>>5025 Server not found
Open file 149.40 KB, 1053x353
Open file 97.91 KB, 1080x1309
>>5027 Yeah,OK

The "" domain of that clearnet hack thing got suspended by the Registrar again.
That so-called "" clearnet "gateway/proxy" (hack) is provided only as a convenience for people who refuse to use the Tor Browser for whatever dumb reasons & it performs glitchy & slow on a good day.

Both the v2 & v3 .onion addresses are working fine.
For some reason, the v2 .onion always seems to perform much faster...., at least for me.
The v2 .onion changes from time to time, but you can always find out the current/active .onion URL for it by checking the /starlet/ header link at the top of the page here...., for example, right now:
Means that the current v2 .onion is:
Note the "http"...., NOT "httpS".

TL;DR Bottom Line:
Use the Tor Browser with the .onion address FFS.
Man, I'm getting tired of repeatedly needing to explain this to people.
Edited last time on 02/04/2021 16:01:24.
Open file 220.56 KB, 1232x769
>>5029 Yeah,OK
None of these links are working. Not either of the ones in your post, nor the "starlet" link at the top of this page. Cannot connect to the server.

Read the post again.
> The "" domain of that clearnet hack thing got suspended by the Registrar again.
> use the Tor Browser

You do know that you have to use the TOR BROWSER in order to connect to a TOR SITE at an .ONION address...., right??
I am currently logged into the the /starlet/ .onion site at this very moment at this address:
That is the same address that I said to use in the above post.
It is working just fine...., maybe even faster than this clearnet site.
SO have we given up on the clearnet?
TOR, she no work for me either.
>SO have we given up on the clearnet?
No. It seems it's a misunderstanding between the registry and the registar. We're trying to get it resolved ASAP.
Onion not work for me ^_^

Reminder of what I told you a couple times before:

> The v2 .onion changes from time to time, but you can always find out the current/active .onion URL for it by checking the /starlet/ header link at the top of the page here

It changed again a few hours ago...., so check that link like I told you how to do.
You have a terrible memory---lol

That's good news
I'm new to this all onion thing, can someone help. I wanna continue looking at some starlet pictures but it's not working.

How can I make it work like normal?
Starlet is on a separate link. Save this for future reference.

were can I find the new link its not showing up for me.
Open file 213.82 KB, 1148x1080
Any news on this yet?

Just looking back on some of the last messages.

Thanks for any consideration in this matter.

Thank you for the new implementation.
Is starlet down or just me?

> just me?

Both of the /starlet/ .onions unexpectedly went down about 20 minutes ago.
I have no further information as to why, or as to an ETA for their return.

Nevermind...., both .onions just now returned.
Must have been Eliza doing Eliza things, or something---lol.

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