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Anonymous 12/24/2020 22:38:26 No. 3873
Open file 188.69 KB, 1080x1215
Reloading the captcha does not work btw.
Please change the captcha. 60 seconds to answer a 10 character captcha is almost impossible in conjunction with the 15 seconds that it takes to load, esp if you can't make out all of the characters. Plus as stated the reload doesn't work. On top of that I'm getting a connection failure error if am lucky enough not to get the expired/incorrect captcha error. You are making it almost impossible for legit users to post. I haven't even tried posting a pic
10 frickin minutes to make a post due to issues with captcha. Timeout is now DOWN to 45 seconds. Please. This is ridiculous. I'm guessing that none of you have to deal with that.
So I just get this empty block bypass thing with no captcha image on onion??? Nothing. A crippled thing?
I mean block bypass wit TOR doesn't load any captcha images to solve, it just shows that broken image in the upper left corner meaning it couldn't load any. Clicking doesn't do anything also. I'm unable to post a picture to show it.
While I appreciate the need to have a capch at some times this one is not fit for purpose.

Often 1 or 2 letters/numbers are totally unreadable.

The time limit is too short and the reload function doesn't work at all.
Eliza, is there a reason I'm unable to connect with bare IP or VPN?
Some kind of block going on? Hope you'll answer.
Oh ok I see. Kinda messed up then.

Really weird behavior, like ending up with that Argos 404 page when posting... Wtf?

No Cookies?
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