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Get Bypass Get Bypass 01/26/2021 11:34:57 No. 4975
Get Bypass

tripcode passphrase???? WHAT?

Download and run it on your computer. WHAT? what should i do with a .py file???

BTW: starlet> kaboing back Home starlet> back Home

I told you, HK & the others some time ago that you should start posting with a tripcode for a while...., like Jake, me & a lot of other people do...., in anticipation of what was coming.
That's the easiest way to get a permanent & re-usable bypass.
Otherwise...., if you are irrationally opposed to ever using a tripcode, like some people (HK, for example) seem to be...., then, you need to install & understand Python & then run that Python script periodically.
Just start using a tripcode for a while, ya' fag---lol.
Edited last time on 01/26/2021 18:37:07.
Yes, nice Roo, if I only knew what a tripcode should be: D

i look in Google now
I saw your posts on "meta" (Roo, PL), I understand bypass, tripcode, but what will it give me if I can't even download a regular photo from the site, threads are not loading, I clicked a 2mb photo and it loads 3 minutes, this recapchat that's the smallest problem ... thanks
ok i understood how it works, but how do i use it in practice?
Hi HK :D
yes is the username
Think of a password...., one that you will always remember so you can re-use it.
When you make a post, put your name in the "Name" field followed by the "hashtag" (#) symbol & that password, without a space.
Like this:
PuschyLover#password - OR - PuschyLover #password
The board software automatically generates the tripcode from your password...., like my resulting tripcode from my password is always Kanga2y.iI & always will be when using the same password.
Most all imageboards use this same method & have done so for years.

Once you have established yourself as being the person who uses that particular tripcode, I will enter it into the authorized bypass database for you...., then you are good to go.

Tripcodes are also good for preventing some malicious retard user does not impersonate you & spam CP or some shit using your name...., which our resident retard mass spamming troll like to do sometimes.
You don't want to get blamed for something that somebody else does, do you?
Edited last time on 02/05/2021 18:47:18.
you're here via clearnet hk right? so for me it's ultra slow. Tor is much faster there

---> >>4986


Also...., the "" clearnet proxy hack thing sucks ass on a good day.
Use the actual .onion address with the Tor browser...., that will solve 90% of your problems.
Edited last time on 01/26/2021 19:40:57.
Ah THX ROO, i'll try it
is starlet on the regular onion address? give me please
Tripcodes are also good inpreventing some malicious retard user does not impersonate you & spam CP or some shit using your name...., which our resident...

back then it was about, I remember. Because bad guys pretended to be someone else


how long should the password be?


Keep in mind...., that onion can change from time to time, because of the "security" issues we have been having.
But, you can always check the link at the top of the page here for the most current one...., like right now:
- equals -

Get it?


The password should technically be at least 8 characters long...., everything over 8 is kinda overkill, but is fine if it makes it easier for you to remember.
Edited last time on 01/26/2021 19:57:38.



Open file 611.23 KB, 1152x1728
thanks Roo, I could have guessed that address ha! ha ... Pushkin !! I know your password !!! : P

> I know your password

No, you don't...., I checked.
I already went ahead & put both of your tripcodes into the databases of both servers, so you guys should be able to get the bypasses now.
Bypass granded!!!
thanks a lot!! it turns out that I can not only drive a tank !! ha! ha!
Failed to verify....

It uses a cookie.
Are you allowing cookies there?

Nevermind...., I found the problem.
I missed the period ( . ) at the end of your tripcode when I entered it into the databases.
Oops...., should be fixed now.
Edited last time on 01/26/2021 21:54:29.
ok, thought i'm too stupid: D

but i noticed the one! was missing, wanted to point it out.
Open file 60.70 KB, 450x232
It works :)

Thx Roo
is it impossible to do on clearweb or something? I've tried two days straight
Alright we'll see if this works sorry but I am no genius on this bloody computer...I am old and still learning how to use this thing and especially this "onion" thingee

Yep...., that is correct.
Is that the password/tripcode combo that you plan to use now?
If so, I will go ahead & set up your captcha bypass authorizations right now.
I admit that captcha is one of the hardest I'v ever come across. 10 mins to post something.. Testing my TC
Hello, could you do the same thing for me Roo ? thanks
Please let me know when I am established. Sometimes these capatcha's are unreadable.
that shit is fucked
Open file 628.82 KB, 1216x1824
Open file 686.87 KB, 1824x1216
Can you use a capatcha system that isn't so difficult. Do you have to make 5 attempts to do a post most of the time. It's extremely frustrating.
Yeah. Been there.
Testing trip.
trip test

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