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How to find in case of domain name change? Janter 03/08/2021 09:41:45 No. 5075
When *removed* disappeared I thought it was gone forever and it took me months until I found cutiegarden. There wasn't any redirection nor any information anywhere to find the new site. I tried several web services to find websites by similarity with no luck, until one day I was successful. I'm afraid something like that could happen again. How can I be prepared or informed?
Edited last time on 03/08/2021 09:43:48.
Eat lots of meat and take a walk in the forrest every day, then your brain will grow bigger and then you will find everything you want. I found the ";".to site back whitin seconds.
It was stolen by the butthurt "registrar" so redirection wasn't possible

>How can I be prepared or informed?
Bookmark both onion domains with either or
Then visit them through Tor if the clearnet domain is ever lost

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