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Text Formatting for Lynxchan Anonymous 06/10/2019 05:41:08 No. 2 sticky
Open file 27.46 KB, 504x198
Text formatting for Lynxchan is similar, if not the same as vichan/infinity.

For those who may not know, here are some examples.

>green text/quote text
Put a '>' at the beginning of a line to create green/quote text. This is usually used to quote something someone says to let them know what specially you are replying to. (or even narrate an action?)

Post ID link/quote
If you click a post number or type >> and then a number to a post, it will create a link to the post and add a tooltip with the post preview if you have javascript enabled.

Same applies above for linking to different boards:
It is also possible to quote posts from another boards. Just add the posting number after the board name:

and lastly, text formatting:
>pic related ;)
Note that some text formatting maybe disabled by board owner, mods or admins on some boards

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