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Future of /starlet/ Anonymous Board owner 12/21/2020 22:39:50 No. 3842 sticky [AUTOSAGE] Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 258.17 KB, 1080x1349
As you probably have noticed /starlet/ hasn't been on clearnet for the last 3 weeks. After a lot of research we finally have a plan to get it back. However the admin is a dirty normie who has a ton of Christmas stuff to do this week so nothing will happen until after Christmas. But I'll start implementing it right after Christmas and hopefully we'll have something working by the end of the year.

I want to thank everyone for all the help and suggestions. And a special thank you to the people who donated. The money will be used to at least try to get /starlet/ back on clearnet.
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...Despite I keep getting 504 Gateway time-out every now and then but it will work after a few refreshes
Please, come back to the clearnet. Videos on starlet won't load.

She no worky today.
Slammin' fast(relatively speaking) on onionweb today

go figure

is showing an expired security certificate.

However it was working really well recently

Get Bypass Get Bypass 01/26/2021 11:34:57 No. 4975 Reply Last 50 Posts
Get Bypass

tripcode passphrase???? WHAT?

Download and run it on your computer. WHAT? what should i do with a .py file???

BTW: starlet> kaboing back Home starlet> back Home
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well I'm an idiot and already forgot my password I'll remember this one for sure. thanks for explaining this stuff btw
Open file 317.10 KB, 864x1296
something changed in allocating "bypass"?
Open file 257.37 KB, 900x471

No...., nothing at all changed.
What problem are you having?

Download Anonymous 04/08/2021 19:42:12 No. 5106 Reply Last 50 Posts
Hello. I hope this question is allowed:
Okay, so.. unstopable force versus an inmovable object...
Downloading everything from this website one by one and dying of age or download just a few once in a while..

Dear child lovers... how the fuck can I download the whole website in an automated process? hahahaha... funny but this is really important to me.. I want to even make a little program that like opens a random image of a child every morning and every evening before and after sleep uwu.

I hope everyone's having a perfect and peaceful and lovely day! <3

P.S. Sorry for posting in the incorrect thread the first time! I am a new, lurking poster.. <3 thanks

P.P.S. The captcha is impossible!! Too trippy!
Make your own collection downloading single images or packs, like we all do. As regard random image viewing, that's easy with AutoHotkey. Yes, the catpcha is almost impossible to resolve. It makes posting a nightmare.
Open file 156.98 KB, 1080x1215
You can use Bulk Image Downloader

This is the official site
It has a paywall but you can get a cracked version if you know where to search 👀

Features, bugs etc. Anonymous Board owner 06/05/2019 20:54:07 No. 1 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 123.82 KB, 1080x1080
Feel free to post any bug reports, feature requests, admin sucks posts etc. here. We'll try to fix/implement everything we can
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Referring to someone as a rat or snitch because they tried
to report a post in rules violation is indicative of someone who
doesn`t give a shit about what happens to a board or site.
Maybe you`ve had your head up your ass for so long you`ve
got no idea what`s happened to countless boards along the way.
You should disappear because there`s no place for you here.
it was said in jest,the mods are typically on it... stop butchering the english language... rat!
The report function is there because the Mods
can`t be everywhere, all the time. Although report
has been disabled of late, that`s what it`s for.
Admin at this site is also currently short handed.
Stop being a nit picking asshole....Asshole
your right... sorry
What's the point in having a reporting system to report flaming or pics that violate the rules if it doesn't work or is disabled.

How to find in case of domain name change? Janter 03/08/2021 09:41:45 No. 5075 Reply Last 50 Posts
When *removed* disappeared I thought it was gone forever and it took me months until I found cutiegarden. There wasn't any redirection nor any information anywhere to find the new site. I tried several web services to find websites by similarity with no luck, until one day I was successful. I'm afraid something like that could happen again. How can I be prepared or informed?
Edited last time on 03/08/2021 09:43:48.
Eat lots of meat and take a walk in the forrest every day, then your brain will grow bigger and then you will find everything you want. I found the ";".to site back whitin seconds.
It was stolen by the butthurt "registrar" so redirection wasn't possible

>How can I be prepared or informed?
Bookmark both onion domains with either or
Then visit them through Tor if the clearnet domain is ever lost

Best way to browse cutiegarden on mobile? Cutiegarden on mobile 01/19/2021 18:43:03 No. 4950 Reply Last 50 Posts
It's a pain imo to use on mobile.
Is there any better way than mobile browser?

I'm open to all suggestions ~
1 post omitted.

Only young idiots use mobile to access sites such as these. You think you're being young and hip and 'with it' by using a small mobile device to access the internet and visit questionable sites but you're actually being stupid. There's NO security or privacy when using a mobile and it's subject to search by any old cop who comes along (and you're young and stupid enough to be conned into giving consent for search).

With a desktop computer, you can beef up the security by using VeraCrypt to encrypt the entire operating system, using an off shore proxy that is always on, and securing your data connection to the internet. You can also store files on encrypted, external hard drives.
Here is a copypasta why you should not be a stupid fuck using a phone

Your every interaction with an android device is logged. When you tap, it spews log entries. File names and details are logged. Every time URL is passed to app or between app and helper such as downloader used by browsers, it gets logged. These logs are silently uploaded. Google gets what ever they want, app developers get logs from their own apps, manufacturers may take every log entry from every app on device (as Amazon did with Kindle Fire). You have no control over what is logged and who gets it. Some apps sell their collected data. Multiple parties have records of your activities on your device held permanently. Both your manufacturer and your carrier can silently push software onto your device. Law enforcement agencies have worked with carriers in past to push spy software onto targeted phones. If they do not wish to go through carriers, then there are routinely-discovered vulnerabilities in phone's software and mobile baseband firmware that allows phone to be silently accessed and controlled over radio. This can be done with Stingray devices such as those sold by NSO Group.

Changing SIM changes your IMSI but not your IMEI. IMEI is unique ID built into phone itself. Both are recorded by mobile masts. They are also logged by apps to uniquely identify your phone. So all you accomplish by changing SIM is linking multiple SIM's together as owned by same person because they are used with same IMEI (same device).

Location of your device is continuously logged and history is kept by mobile provider. This happens even if you disable location services in phone. Mobile providers routinely provide this info to LEA and in some countries, including the US, they even sell your location history. If you used your own Google account or any other account in your own name on a device, it is effectively registered to you now, because IMSI/IMEI is tied to your account as convenient unique ID. All of your logged activity is also associated with this ID. Unless your phone itself was purchased with cash, its IMEI is connected to you. IMSI/IMEI is connected to your location history. If mobile masts have you triangulated to your home, then any one who wants to look can see that it is you.

The Intercept wrote: In 2008, authorities used a StingRay and a KingFish to locate a suspect who was using an air card: an internet-connectivity device that plugs into a computer and allows the user to get online through a wireless cellular network. The suspect, Daniel Rigmaiden, was an identity thief who was operating from an apartment in San Jose, California. Rigmaiden had used a stolen credit card number and a fake name and address to register his internet account with Verizon. With Verizon’s help, the FBI was able to identify him. They determined the general neighborhood in San Jose where Rigmaiden was using the air card so they could position their stingray in the area and move it around until they found the apartment building from which his signal was coming. They then walked around the apartment complex with a hand-held KingFish or similar device to pinpoint the precise apartment Rigmaiden was using.

These devices leave your data all over them. They have caches of contents of RAM (including passwords) and images from your display. Even if you use wiping software, some caches are not accessible without root and flash wear-leveling means that no data can be wiped with any assurance. The built in encryption of android and apple devices has a backdoor which enables law enforcement agencies to access files.

Google “Assistant” records users' conversations even when it is not supposed to listen and Google workers listen to voice recordings.

Good advice! In other words, don't use a mobile devise to access any questionable site or download questionable material.

I have a smart phone but only use it to access Google maps and send messages and talk to only people that I know and family. I have never connected to email or banking information or any other sites on the internet with it. I know that while it's in my pocket, it is subject to search at any time; whether by a cop in person, border guard, or accessed by some law enforcement hacking devise remotely. If it is searched, they will find nothing other than messages from my wife and me talking about grocery shopping lists.

There is a cool Deniro movie called The Score. In the beginning, it shows Deniro's character posing as a plumber repairman. By all outward appearances, he appears normal enough. He has a shop, a company van full of tools, business license, etc. He drives past all the license plate readers, crosses the border, etc. Once across, he pulls over to a remote area and changes his clothes, his disguise, changes license plates, etc. When he returns to his shop, he hides his stolen materials in a hollowed out propane tank.

It was cool because he worked within the surveillance system that he found himself under. He didn't completely hide from it but he presented himself as the average Joe to it and keep his clandestine activities hidden from it. In other words, don't cloak yourself completely from the surveillance state but learn how to present yourself to them as the average Joe to them and stay off their radar. So even if they suspect you and start following you, they'll find nothing unusual about you.

Just carry around your cell phone and present yourself as the average Joe just texting shopping lists with your wife. But keep your questionable activities well-hidden and cloaked.
>Best way to browse cutiegarden on mobile?
>Don't use a mobile device
>Only young idiots use mobile to access sites such as these.
Most people visit this site with their bare IP. While I would always recommend against doing so, it clearly doesn't matter much in reality.

Use or just use regular firefox if you visit the site with bare IP anyway.
Open file 119.48 KB, 1141x700
Smartphones, Windows, Google Chrome, VPNs are jewish. These things will spy your every move. You should use Linux/OpenBSD and Tor for daily browsing, not only for watching cuties.

Anonymous 12/24/2020 22:38:26 No. 3873 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 188.69 KB, 1080x1215
Reloading the captcha does not work btw.
3 posts omitted.
I mean block bypass wit TOR doesn't load any captcha images to solve, it just shows that broken image in the upper left corner meaning it couldn't load any. Clicking doesn't do anything also. I'm unable to post a picture to show it.
While I appreciate the need to have a capch at some times this one is not fit for purpose.

Often 1 or 2 letters/numbers are totally unreadable.

The time limit is too short and the reload function doesn't work at all.
Eliza, is there a reason I'm unable to connect with bare IP or VPN?
Some kind of block going on? Hope you'll answer.
Oh ok I see. Kinda messed up then.

Really weird behavior, like ending up with that Argos 404 page when posting... Wtf?

Anna 11/30/2020 12:55:16 No. 2316 Reply Last 50 Posts
Open file 403.29 KB, 1080x1350
Both /Starlet/ and /bl/ have been removed due to on going issues and is directly linked to the clearnet being down for a week.

Sometime in the future those boards may be shared as a archive only site but theirs no plans for that at the moment.

252 posts and 41 images omitted.
Cunnybros, what are some site alternatives
you do understand anna pav/ nefedova is a BOY;
blame it on the MOM. he looks so cute as a little girl.....
he is a teenager now as a MALE catalog model.
>Starlet might still return to clearnet. We'll look into some options in the next few days.

any news on this yet?
kc's .onion works pretty well for me almost all the time. I get like up to 1 mb/s dl speed and snappy response times. with /starlet/ I sometimes get stuck at 30 kb/s. I suppose they use a single hop service? if you'd manage to get it working like that I'm sure more people would use it.
it isn't single-hop

Art board MR.SO#5R7ZNWyc/6 12/12/2020 19:23:27 No. 3804 Reply Last 50 Posts
What are the odds of us ever getting a board for 2D and 3D art of little girls?

This would naturally involve Japanese loli art, but could also incorporate western drawings, computer art, fan art based on existing characters, fine art, etc.
I'm not sure there is enough interest to warrant an entire board. A lot of the art is quite problematic legally too. It's usually either 'artsy' nudes or super lewd 2D.
But I imagine super lewd would be okay if it was only 2d, right? Other sites allow such content with no problems.

In any case, we’ll wait and see if anyone else is interested.
Oh okay, that’s no problem,

What was the reasoning behind that rule for drawings and stuff? I guess site hosts could still potentially get offended by it?
If by "western drawings" you mean cartoons I think not even a Judge would cont them as resembling humans, now if you mean classic paintings like in your pic i have always wanted to know how the hell to search for them since some of them are clearly made by a pedo and very hot but I can't ever find them.
>A lot of the art is quite problematic legally too.
You would have a much easier time keeping a host if you were only a 2D and 3D-CGI "super lewd" chan. /cozy/ is still more of an issue than lewd 2D ever would be. 3D-CGI would be fine also, as long as it's distinguishable from reality.

DL Speed Dreagaaaa 12/13/2020 21:19:10 No. 3815 Reply Last 50 Posts
CNH (7).jpg
Open file 162.97 KB, 542x984
What is the average dl speed of this site supposed to be? Im getting averages from 20-30KB/s
Then the dls keep failing so sometimes i have to load 2 hours or more if a 100MB+ clip keeps failing.

Is this normal? Are there tricks to increase it or being able to resume the download after it failed? Thanks in advance, if it gets fixed ill post some nice vids as a reward
6 posts and 3 images omitted.
CNH (10).jpg
Open file 156.99 KB, 720x1226
Atm its a lot of failed dls, pausing and starting again helps, if you are fast you can start it again sometimes...

Also if i reset my identity and go to the media file it works better for a bit.
When i open a thread its bad again until everything is loaded.
The server should now be a bit faster. I quickly tested downloading a 100 meg file and it averaged about 200KB/s.

I guess we'd rather keep the server hidden but we might consider single hop if we can't get it fast enough otherwise. How does one find the IP of a single hop onion server?
>How does one find the IP of a single hop onion server
The user runs a relay and chooses it as the rendezvous point when connecting to your onion.
Your single-hop onion will then connect directly to his relay, exposing its IP to it.
Copy & Paste the D/L link or links

to your wordpad or notepad. then highlight the D/L link in your notepad or
wordpad & copy it & paste it using a regular browser in the address bar it will D/L fast like before.
Thanks its up to 100-200 now, gonna post some more in starlet soon

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